Suing the School For a School Bus Injury

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Can I sue the school if my child was hurt on the school bus?


Suing the School For a School Bus Injury We had a client once who was involved in an accident on the bus. The bus was going to the girl’s school and she wanted to know if we could sue the school. Typically, that answer is no. Schools do not control the buses. Many times, buses are owned by what are independent contractors. They are responsible for their conduct. The schools are not. Oftentimes, too, the school board is brought in. It’s hard to keep them in these kinds of cases in Duval County particularly, Nassau County as well. We typically do not look at the school. We look at the school bus driver and the school bus owner for the recovery. They are required to maintain a good bit of insurance because they are contracted by the school board or the school. They are required to carry liability insurance that would protect that little girl under those circumstances. These are things that come with experience in handling school bus accident cases. If you have a situation like this, call us. We’ll sit down with you, go over things, and see how best we could help you.

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