What To Anticipate After a Bus Accident

Did you get injured from a bus accident? Check out this article to learn what to anticipate after a bus accident, then contact our attorney.

Choosing the Best Attorney

What To Anticipate After a Bus AccidentBus accident cases are different from automobile accident cases where you have two automobiles colliding with one another. Frequently, these buses are operated by agencies of the municipality. You have to understand how that works— the agencies you can sue, the agencies you cannot sue, if you’re dealing with agencies. There are other requirements before you can even get to the point of filing a lawsuit. You need someone who’s been down that road before.

We have handled bus accident cases from almost the very beginning of our law firm. These cases are different and you need someone who knows how to handle them.

Case Value

There are many variables in determining the value of your case when you’ve been hurt in a bus accident scenario. A lot of it is driven by the nature and the extent of your injuries, including whether your injuries are permanent and whether they impair your ability to do the normal things that you do. Whether you were employed outside the home or not impacts that, whether you were responsible or partly responsible and whether somebody else, separate apart from the bus operator or you, was responsible. These are things that get factored into the value of your case. These are things that we typically don’t know and don’t have in our hands until later on.

Case Timeline

Bus accident cases will last longer than other types of roadway accidents, typically because if we’re dealing with a municipality we have to put them on notice. There is a long waiting period before we can do anything with regard to the entity that’s responsible for your injuries. If we’re dealing with commercial buses, there are other considerations. These are complicated cases more so than regular automobile cases and need someone to handle them who’s had experience. They’re going to last in excess of a year. If we get into litigation, you can add another year and a half to the process. Of course, systems are getting clogged up again, as well. We’re not getting to trial as soon as we would like to. They will last longer than a typical auto case.

Insurance Investigation

With your own insurance company, yes, talk to them. You’re obligated to talk to them. You have a responsibility to put them on notice as soon as you can after the accident that you’ve been involved in an accident. That triggers their responsibilities. You have a duty to cooperate with them, give them a statement if they ask for it. They will ask for it. There’s a host of other things that you have to do with your own insurance company.

Now, however, with regards to the insurance company for the bus company, the answer is no. Do not talk to them. They are the experts in their field and you are not. You are no match for them. That’s why we recommend that you contact a lawyer early on so that they can guide you. One of the things we tell clients in the first conference is do not talk to the insurance company. Have them contact your attorney.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

 One of the most common mistakes is they don’t get treated for their injuries. In a bus accident case, many times you don’t realize you’re hurt. You’re in the adrenaline of the moment and that will mask pain many times. The pain doesn’t surface for several days, maybe a week or two. If you’re not careful, if you don’t get treated, your recovery won’t be as good. Your primary responsibility is to take care of yourself. Go get treated. Get back on your feet.

Other mistakes we see clients make is that they don’t do what their doctor tells them to do. The doctor is the quarterback. Do what your doctor says. The worst thing that you could do to your case from a medical perspective is being noncompliant. If you are noncompliant that means you’re not doing what the doctor tells you to do. Do what the doctor tells you to do. That will enhance your chances of getting as well as you can be.

The other mistake we see people make is they don’t retain a lawyer early on for whatever reason. Getting a lawyer early on in the process allows a lawyer to collect evidence, including photographing damage to the bus, to your automobile, and to the accident scene. These things go away after time. If we don’t get involved early on, then we lose valuable evidence that will enhance the value of your case.

Were you or a loved one badly injured in a crash with or on public transportation and have questions about what to anticipate after a bus accident? Contact an experienced Nassau County bus accident lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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