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How Bus Accidents and Car Accidents Differ

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How are bus accident claims different from car accident claims?


How Bus Accidents and Car Accidents Differ People don’t know this but a claim against a busing company is different than a claim brought in an ordinary automobile collision case. Many times, buses are operated by private companies that have a relationship with a governmental entity. This impacts how you begin the case, which is different from a lot of regular auto cases. If, for example, you miss a notice requirement, then you have no case. Your case, if you file the lawsuit, will be dismissed. If you don’t have a lawyer who’s experienced in handling bus claims, then the lawyer might miss it. We’ve been handling cases like these for years. We know where to go and how to go about handling a bus claim because it is different from an ordinary auto claim. If you’ve been hurt in Jacksonville, in Yulee, in Callahan, Hilliard, Bryceville, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, or the beaches in Duval County, call us today. We’ll go over your case and do the things necessary to maximize your claim.

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