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Initial Offer in a Bus Accident Case

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Should I take the first settlement offer for my bus accident case?


Sooner or later, all clients ask about the value of a case. It usually comes up when we are dealing with settlement offers connected with the case. In bus accident cases, that will come up later on in the case, as it does in most cases. Typically, we tell people we’re not going to take the first offer. Insurance companies are like most companies that are in the negotiation business. They will try to get away for as little as possible. They will send out a minimal offer to see if you will bite. If you have a lawyer who’s not experienced in this kind of a case, they may not understand fully that they should turn that down.

Initial Offer in a Bus Accident Case We’ve been handling cases like these for decades. We know that the first offer is not the offer to take. If we’re trying to resolve the case, then we’ll get their best dollar on the table, which means going back several different times, maybe discontinuing conversations until we get a case postured in the stronger position. We don’t take the first offer typically because we know that there’s more money in their pockets. If you’ve got this kind of question in your bus accident case, call us if you’ve been hurt in Nassau County or Duval County, and we’ll see how best we can help you.

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