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Bus Accident Insurance Investigation

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Should I speak to the insurance company after a bus accident?


People ask often if it’s a wise thing to talk to the insurance companies after they’ve been involved in a bus accident case in Nassau County, or Duval County, or any of the surrounding areas. With your own insurance company, yes, talk to them. You’re obligated to talk to them. You have a responsibility to put them on notice as soon as you can after the accident that you’ve been involved in an accident. That triggers their responsibilities. You have a duty to cooperate with them, give them a statement if they ask for it. They will ask for it. There’s a host of other things that you have to do with your own insurance company.

Bus Accident Insurance Investigation Now, however, with regards to the insurance company for the bus company, the answer is no. Do not talk to them. They are the experts in their field and you are not. You are no match for them. That’s why we recommend that you contact a lawyer early on so that they can guide you. One of the things we tell clients in the first conference is do not talk to the insurance company. Have them contact your attorney. They call us and the flow of information will go through our office, which is the way it should be. That’s how we do things with that kind of claim in Nassau County and Duval County. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident case, call us. We’ll sit down, go over things, and see how best we can help you.

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