Liability in a Negligent Security Case

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Would the premises owner be liable for my injuries in a negligent security case?


In negligent security cases, clients ask often who’s responsible. If someone with a gun shoots you, you assume he’s responsible. What many times clients don’t recognize is that the landlord or another party may also be responsible. Liability in a Negligent Security Case

The premises owner or the management company that operates the premises, for example, have a responsibility to keep the premises safe. That means different things in different localities around the area in Nassau County or Duval County. Some areas are high crime areas that require a higher degree of security measures. Others are low crime areas, lesser degree of security measures. They all require it.

If you get hurt, if you get attacked, if you get assaulted and it can be shown that premises owner did not do what was necessary to protect you by taking reasonable measures, then that premises owner can be responsible for your injuries. If you have a case like that in Duval County, Nassau County, and any of the surrounding areas, call us today. We’ll set up a time to get together to go over all of the ins and outs and we’ll figure out the best way to help you.

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