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After a Negligent Security Incident

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What should I do after a negligent security incident?


When clients come to us with a negligent security case, there are several things we would like for them to have already done before they ever call. Number one is get medical care. If you get hurt, go to the doctor. Go to the emergency room. Follow up with your healthcare provider. Do the things that are going to maximize the possibility of your recovering as well as you can. Get your medical care. After a Negligent Security Incident

Number two is contact the responsible agencies. Contact the police. If you’ve been mugged, if you’ve been attacked, contact the police. It may be that someone has already done so, maybe not. Contact the police. Get them involved. They are experts in evidence collection and finding the perpetrators. Get them involved in the process immediately. Then give them your full cooperation. Then contact the premises owner. For example, if this is something that happened at an apartment complex, contact the manager on duty. Contact the property management company, the landlord. What will happen is this starts the process of generating reports. It’s done while everything is fresh so you’ve got evidence collection and it enhances the value of your case. By that time, you can call us. If you’ve had an assault which you believe was because of some security issues in Duval County, Nassau County, or any of the surrounding areas, call us today. We’ll go over everything with you and give you some guidance on how best we can help you.

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