Choosing a Negligent Security Attorney

Do you have questions about choosing a negligent security attorney in Florida? Watch this video to learn what to look for, then call us today.


How do I choose the right negligent security attorney?


Negligent security cases in Florida are a unique kinds of personal injury cases or wrongful death cases. When we get asked what kind of lawyer someone needs on a negligent security case, particularly in Northeast Florida, we tell them to get someone with experience. These are not easy cases. These are not simple cases. These are cases where experience is a premium.

Ask a lawyer if they have ever handled a negligent security case and, if so, how many. What was the outcome? These are not cases for young lawyers. We’ve been in practice 38 years. We have handled these kinds of cases and know the difficulties with them. They require experience. Experience is at the top of the list.

If you can satisfy that, get with someone who is experienced in that area, then you should sign up with that lawyer. We’ve had extensive experience with these cases. If you have that kind of a case in Duval County or Nassau County or any of the surrounding areas, call me. We’ll sit down and go over things and see how we can best help you.

Did you or a loved one get seriously injured due to inadequate security in Florida and have questions about choosing a negligent security attorney? Contact an experienced Nassau County negligent security lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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