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Injured or Assaulted Due to Negligent Security

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What happens when someone is injured or assaulted due to negligent security?


When people come to us with what they think is a case of getting attacked in front of a convenience store or in front of a business or any other place, they want to know what’s going to happen. Their world has been turned upside down. Several things happen very quickly. Law enforcement gets involved. There’s prosecution. Injured or Assaulted Due to Negligent Security

The client has a duty and responsibility to cooperate with the criminal investigation, if the police can find the criminal. If you get a lawyer involved early on, we can track that and walk alongside that and at the same time do our investigation about what kind of security was there. Different kinds of cases require different kinds of security. For example, we had a case several years ago where we represented a man and a woman who were shot at their apartment complex in an area in Jacksonville that was known as a high crime area. We discovered this was a gated apartment complex. We discovered there were several breaches in the fencing around the exterior. We discovered that the guard shack where the arm that goes up and down was broken. It was not manned much of the time. The assailant had almost a free pass to get in. We were able to do that investigation because the clients came to us early on. We did get some assistance with the criminal investigation. Those are things that you can expect. Some of it happens very quickly. Some of it happens over time. If you have what you think is a case due to a lack of security in Nassau County or Duval County, call us early on so that we can get involved in the process soon and figure out how best we can help you.

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