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Slip And Falls From Faulty Stairs

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Do I have a claim if I fell due to faulty stairs?


Slip And Falls From Faulty Stairs Slip and fall cases come in a variety of different fact patterns. One of them is falling down due to a faulty staircase, whether the steps were misaligned or faulty trends or the handrail wasn’t secured properly. We had a case once very similar to that where a lady was walking down an exterior staircase in an apartment complex. We were able to successfully recover for that lady because we discovered when we went out there to inspect it that the stairway was defectively designed and defectively maintained, and we were able to show that. We were able to preserve the evidence, show that, and make a nice recovery for the woman. Yes, you have a claim. Every claim is dependent upon the facts, of course. Call us to discuss. We’ve been in this practice for decades handling these types of cases. We can sit down with you, talk about your case, and figure out how best to help you.

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