Faulty Handrail Slip And Fall Injuries

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What should I do if I fell due to a faulty handrail?


Faulty Handrail Slip And Fall Injuries We had a case once where a lady was in an apartment complex and she was going down a very short flight of stairs and the middle of the handrail where she was holding it came undone from its moors. She fell and hurt herself pretty badly. We were able to help that lady because the handrail was not moored properly. It was defectively maintained. If you can show that the handrail was negligently or defectively maintained, then yes, you have a claim. That’s the kind of claim that we’ve been handling in northeast Florida for 38 years. If you have that kind of case, call us.We’ll be happy to sit down with you, talk to you, and figure out how best to help you.

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