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Liability in a Car Accident Case

Were you recently hurt and have questions about liability in a car accident case in Florida? Watch this video, then call Paul Boone Law.


Who will pay my medical bills after a car accident?


When people come to see us, they have a lot of questions. Typically, they’ve been in an accident. This is their first one. They don’t know what to do. The question that comes up is who’s going to pay the bills. Ironically, even though the accident was not your fault, you will pay the initial round. In Florida, you are required to have no fault insurance, also goes by Personal Injury Protection, PIP. That insurance will pay 80% of your medical bills. If you purchase additional insurance with your automobile insurance called medical payment insurance, you have to pay extra for it, but it will pick up the other 20%. Your auto insurance will pay potentially 100% of your bills.

Liability in a Car Accident Case

That may sound backwards if someone else is responsible for the accident, but in Florida, that’s what pays first. After that, your health insurance, if you have it, will pick up these bills. At the end, if we resolve your case, either by settling before going to court or obtaining a verdict, the liable party will pay for your medical bills. At the end of the day, the at fault driver’s insurance company will pay, but at the beginning of the case, you have to take care of it. For answers to these and other insurance related questions connected with auto accidents, give us a call.

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