Claims Denied by the Insurance Company

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Can my insurance company deny a claim?


Our office get calls from time to time from clients who are upset that an insurance company has denied the claim, meaning they’re not going to pay out under the insurance policy. An insurance company can do that. Because they do not pay does not make it bad faith; it does not mean that they’re treating you unfairly. It simply means that they don’t think they have a responsibility to pay any money for any number of reasons. Some of them can be pretty clear; some of them may not be quite so clear. Claims Denied by the Insurance Company

An insurance company can deny a claim and it can be an appropriate action. Sometimes it’s not, however, and that’s why you need an experienced lawyer.

If you’ve had that situation happen to you in Nassau County and Duval County or the surrounding areas, call us today. We’ll sit down with you and go over everything. We’ll figure out how to plan moving forward to help you in the best way.

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