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Bad Faith Insurance Statue of Limitations

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Is there a statue of limitations for bad faith insurance lawsuits?


We get called in sometimes where a client has gone to trial, gotten a verdict, and the verdict is in excess of the policy limits, which provides a possibility for there being a bad faith case. The lawyer they had for whatever reason is not willing or able to move forward on that part of the case. Typically, the case has been tried years earlier. Bad Faith Insurance Statue of Limitations

There is a statute of limitation. It’s five years. It’s more than the average four years, but it’s five years from the date that you get the verdict or the judgment. You’ve got time, but time is allusive, as we all know.

If you have that situation where you need help with what we call the second part of a bad faith case, and it’s occurred in Duval County, Nassau County, and the surrounding areas, call us. We’ll sit down; we’ll go over everything. If we can help you, we’ll devise a plan moving forward that will be best for you and your case.

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