Choosing The Right Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

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How do I choose the right attorney for my insurance bad faith claim?


How do you go about picking a good bad faith lawyer? Pick one who’s handled these cases; pick one who’s got experience.

These are complex cases and they are lengthy cases. They last a very long time potentially. They are fraught with pitfalls. You need a lawyer who has the experience and has the knowledge to be able to move forward with your case and to educate you about the ins and outs of bad faith. Choosing The Right Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

These are not cases for the young lawyer who’s never been to court, because you may well have to go to court. You have to be willing as a lawyer to try the case. They are actually two cases to try: the first in which you prove your case and then the second in which you sue the insurance company telling them they are on the hook for the full measure of damages and not just what the small policy limits were.

That’s a case for an experienced lawyer. We have over 38 years of experience here at our firm. We have handled bad faith cases before and know what they look like.

Call us. We’ll sit down and we’ll go over the case. We’ll map out a plan to see if we can get to that point of bad faith with an insurance company.

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