3 Personal Injury Tips


1) Personal Injury Trial

3 Personal Injury TipsA lot of people are fearful of that. Quite frankly, most people would like to have their case settled before that. We don’t make promises to our clients about whether cases will go to court or won’t. It depends upon the fact of your case. We will make a recommendation about whether or not the insurance company is dealing with us fairly in settlement offers. If we don’t think they’re dealing fairly with us and we can do better at trial, we will tell you that. We’ll give you our recommendation that we should try the case. The bottom-line decision is yours, but it will be made in conjunction with detailed conversations that we have along the way.

2) Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are specially hired for the case, with the exception of your treating doctors, who are also known as expert witnesses. Their role is to provide professional opinions about certain complex areas of the case that are beyond the understanding of the average juror. We routinely hire experts in our cases to help in those areas that are needed. We don’t go overboard in hiring experts. We hire them as we need them, but if we need them, we go get them.

3) Choosing The Right Attorney

You want someone who has experience and someone who has been inside of a courtroom and knows what a courtroom looks like and has tried cases similar to the one that you have. That is the number one consideration. You also want someone who’s familiar with the area who’s willing to go out to the areas where the injury or accident occurred and can translate that into your claim. That is another important consideration in picking a personal injury lawyer.

Have you or a loved one been injured because of someone else and have questions about these 3 personal injury tips? Contact an experienced Nassau County personal injury lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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