Partial Fault Pedestrian Accident

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Can a pedestrian be partially at fault in a pedestrian accident case?


In Florida, we have a rule called the comparative negligence rule. What it means basically is that if you as the pedestrian are partially at fault and the driver is partially at fault, and we go to court and try your case, the jury will have the responsibility to tell us what percentage each of you are at fault.

For example, say the jury says that your case is worth $100,000, but they say that you are 50% at fault. The judge will award you $50,000, not $100,000. You can be partially at fault and you still have a case. That’s why we tell people that if they have a situation where they think maybe they’ve got some responsibility, where they stepped off the curbside and didn’t look both ways, for example, they may still have something of a case that we can help them with.

If you’ve been involved as a pedestrian, got hit by a car, where you think maybe you might bear some fault in Nassau County or Duval County, call us. We’ll sit down; we’ll talk about it. We’ll figure out a way to help you.

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