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Wounds Getting Worse

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What should I do if my wound got worse after seeking medical help?


Sometimes, we get calls where a patient has been treated for something and their wound has gotten worse since the treatment. The first thing we tell that client is get medical care from someone else. If you’re not satisfied with the treatment that you’ve been getting and things seem to be getting worse, get a second opinion. That happens all the time in the medical field. Get a second opinion because it may be the doctor is not doing things properly. It may be that the doctor is doing things properly and your wound is getting worse for some other unrelated medical reasons. Getting a second opinion can help you be educated about your own circumstances.

Wounds Getting Worse

If something wrong has happened and the second doctor can help you, then you can certainly switch doctors. If you think something like that has happened in Duval County or Nassau County where we practice or the outlying areas, call us today. We’ll sit down. We’ll go through that. We do a lot of counseling with people who are not satisfied with their treatment. Whether it constitutes a medical malpractice case or not, the counseling is educational. It can help you at a minimum. If there is a malpractice case, then certainly we can sit down with you, help you, and figure out what’s best for you.

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