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Medical Malpractice Insurance Investigation

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Should I speak to the insurance company regarding my medical malpractice case?


When we meet with clients, we discuss with them whether it’s a good idea to talk to the insurance company. There are two answers to this. One is yes and that has to do with their own insurance companies that are helping to pay bills and most wages and things like that. You have a responsibility to cooperate with your own insurance company. You want to because you want them to take care of the matters that come under their policy. With regards to the insurance company for the other side, however, whether it’s the hospital or the doctor or the nurse or what have you, the answer is emphatically no. They have the interest of the healthcare provider in mind, not yours. All of their efforts to obtain information is for the benefit of their insured, not yours.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Investigation

When we meet with clients, in the very first conversation, we tell them you will not talk to the other side’s insurance company. We tell them, if they get contacted, to give the insurance representative our contact information. At that point, it is illegal for the insurance company to talk to you about the case. They will call our office and then we will have a line of communication from our office to theirs, which is the way it should be. If you have a medical malpractice case which has occurred in Nassau County, Duval County, or any of the surrounding areas, call us. We’ll sit down. We’ll go over those things and a whole lot more. We’ll figure out how best to help you.

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