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Time Limits For Defective Product Claims

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What is the time limit for my defective product claim?


Clients, or potential clients, call us when they’ve either been injured by a defective product or their loved one has died as a result of a defective product. They want to know how much time they have to make a claim or to do something, which is just another way of asking what the statute of limitation period is. Generally speaking, it’s four years on an injury case. If the defective product has killed a loved one and you qualify under Florida’s wrongful death act to bring the claim, it’s two years. There are also statutes that are called statute of repose which provide an outside end of time period to bring the claim if the claim was covered up by the defendant and you had no idea that you had a claim to start with. Those statutes of repose have gone through different changes over the years but they’re still there.

Time Limits For Defective Product Claims If you have that kind of case, call us if it’s occurred in Duval County, Nassau County, or surrounding area, and do it immediately so those issues of time limits don’t become critical. It’s important that you give your lawyer adequate time to investigate your case because these are not simple cases. They are complex cases and they take time. Do not wait until the end of that period to make the phone call. Call us today. We’ll go over everything and we’ll figure out a plan that suits you the best.

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