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No Longer in Possession of the Defective Product

Check out this video about when you’re no longer in possession of the defective product in Florida. then call Paul Boone Law today.


Can I still file a lawsuit if I no longer have the defective product?


Many times clients come into our office having been injured by a product and they don’t have that product anymore. Can they still file? The frank answer is, yes, you can, but your case has lost an awful lot of value. Without the product, it is obviously impossible for anybody to review it, to inspect it, to determine the defective nature of it. Without that, you limit your ability to maintain the case, but technically, you can. It’s not one that we would handle, however.

No Longer in Possession of The Defective Product Having said that, if you have the case where you’ve been hurt by a product, call us and we will sit down with you. Part of our job is counseling people and we can talk to you about your case and advise you on its strengths and the weaknesses, especially when you don’t have your product. We can map out a plan— an appropriate plan. Give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

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