Process of a TBI Case

Process of a TBI CaseAre you confused or concerned about the process of a TBI case? We can help you understand the basics of a TBI case from beginning to end. Give his a read and then call us and set up a free initial consultation.

After you are involved in an accident or an incident that left you with a traumatic brain injury, you need to seek medical care. When you get the medical care you need, we are then able to understand the full extent of your injuries and establish what your maximum medical recovery will be. From there, we will work to value your claim out and fight for your rights to full compensation.

Your compensation comes from the insurance company who represents the liable party. It’s your lawyer’s job to defend your rights to a fair result that the insurance company will provide for you. More often than not the insurance company comes back to you with the first settlement offer that is very low. The right lawyer for you should recognize that settling for a low offer is not acceptable and not an option. From there, there will be negotiations and, if an agreement is not met, then the case will go to trial. The key is to find Jacksonville TBI lawyers who are ready to go to trial if need be.

Schedule your first free consultation with our Jacksonville traumatic brain injury lawyer Paul Boone as soon as possible. You will go over the details of your case with Paul himself to determine what your rights are and what legal action you should be taking to get the justice that you deserve. You are not just another number to Paul and your case is going to be treated like a priority. We recognize that you are not just a file number— you are a person who deserves justice for the wrong that has been committed against them and the pain and suffering that they had to endure.

When you are facing the process of a TBI case we can help make it all smoother and successful. Call us right away and we will get you set up with a free consultation.

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