Mistakes Made in Negligent Security Cases

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What common mistakes do people make in their negligent security cases?


We have handled numerous security cases. Looking back over them, the primary mistake that we see is clients thinking they don’t have a case. They see it as a criminal case.

It’s not readily apparent to them that someone might be responsible because they’re not security experts. They don’t know that one of the greatest deterrents of criminal activity is adequate lighting or any of a number of basic security things. They don’t recognize it as a security case until later. Time has gone by and we lose the opportunity many times to collect evidence. Things have been repaired. We lose the ability to see the negligent security condition in its condition.

That is one of the primary things we see in terms of mistakes being made. Beyond that, not seeking medical care is another; many times, these events happen in low income neighborhoods. The injured person’s ability to get appropriate care may be limited through no fault of their own. That compromises damage evaluation, sometimes.

Finally, there’s also the delay in coming to a lawyer. If someone has been hurt as a result of being assaulted, we always urge them to get a lawyer immediately. They can walk you through the process with the experience of dealing with the criminal justice system, the experience of investigating a negligent security claim so that you’ll be protected. If that’s happened to you in Duval County, Nassau County, or any of the surrounding area, call us right away. We’ll sit down, go over things, and figure out a plan that fits you best.

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