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Pedestrian Accident Insurance Investigation

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Should I speak to the insurance company after a pedestrian accident?


We get asked a lot whether clients should talk with insurance companies. There are two answers: yes and no. The yes has to do with your own insurance company. If you have insurance that will cover your injuries, contact them immediately and cooperate with them.

Pedestrian Accident Insurance Investigation

You have a responsibility to cooperate under your insurance policy. Tell them what they need to know. Give them what they ask for so that you can get your medical bills paid and the other things that your policy provides.

Otherwise, the answer is no. Do not talk to the insurance company for the other side for the automobile driver or owner who hit you. They are the experts; you are not.

One of the things we give clients in our first meeting is our contact information. We tell them to tell the insurance company to call us.

At that point, it is illegal for them to continue to talk to you. They know it. They will contact us. We will have the information flowing from our office in the appropriate way.

Yes and no is the answer to that. Call us if you’ve been hit by a car as a pedestrian. We can help you navigate through those mysterious issues of insurance and help you with your case. Call us and we’ll sit down and figure out a roadmap to best help you.

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