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Differences Between Pedestrian And Car Accident Cases

Do you have questions about the differences between pedestrian and car accident cases in Florida? Watch this video, then call Paul Boone Law.


How are pedestrian accident claims different from car accident claims?


What are the differences between an injury case involving a pedestrian versus and one with two automobiles? For one, pedestrian cases are typically more serious cases. There’s a saying that there’s no such thing as a minor pedestrian-automobile accident case.

Differences Between Pedestrian And Car Accident Cases

One of the things that is different medically is that so many times, there is a traumatic brain injury that does not manifest itself immediately. We haven’t found a case yet where a pedestrian’s been wearing a helmet. If they get hit, they can strike everything imaginable, including their head.

Traumatic brain injuries can manifest themselves later. That’s why it’s important to get treated completely immediately after the accident. That’s one of the major differences. There are differences connected with insurance as well.

If you’ve got that situation where you’ve been hit by a car as a pedestrian, call us. Get us involved early on so that we can help navigate you through those different waters. We’ve been in practice in the Northeast area for 38 years.

If you have been hurt in Nassau or Duval County or the surrounding areas, call us. We’ll sit down; we’ll go over all those things. We’ll map out a plan to help you.

Were you or a loved one severely injured after being hit by a vehicle in Florida and have questions about differences between pedestrian and car accident cases? Contact an experienced Nassau County pedestrian accident lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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