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Motorcycle Accidents From Poorly Maintained Roads

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What if my motorcycle accident injuries were caused by a poorly maintained road?


When clients come in to see us after they’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in the roadways of Duval County or Nassau County, especially up here in Nassau County, they will point out that part of the accident happened because a roadway was in bad shape. You see it all over our region— there are rough areas on the roadway. Clients want to know if they can make a claim against the person who is taking care of the road. The answer is yes. Roadway contractors, municipalities, and governmental agencies who have a responsibility to maintain roadways have to do it in a reasonable fashion. If they negligently maintain a roadway and it leads to your being injured because you lost control of your motorcycle on damaged roads, then you can make a claim.

Motorcycle Accidents From Poorly Maintained Roads

Now, there are complexities to it. You’re venturing into an area that an experienced lawyer can navigate and an inexperienced lawyer cannot. We’ve handled cases like theses for decades. We have handled cases against the roadway contractors, the DOT, and other agencies that are responsible for maintaining roadways. We know how to navigate through them. If you’ve been hurt on a motorcycle in Nassau County or Duval County or the surrounding areas and it was because of a defectively maintained roadway, you call us. We’ll sit down and we’ll figure out how best to help you.

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