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Definition of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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What are traumatic brain injuries?


Traumatic brain injuries occur when a sudden start/stop, causes the brain, which floats in fluid, to smack up against the inside of your skull, which is not smooth. If there’s twisting, there is something called shearing that occurs, all of which damages the brain. It bruises the brain, makes the brain bleed.

Definition of Traumatic Brain Injuries Sometimes, this results in very subtle changes; sometimes, you’ll see dramatic changes. Subtle changes need to be identified by an experienced doc and can include a change in behavior, change in memories, and sometimes loss of consciousness. A client or their family might not even notice these changes. If you have a head injury, a traumatic brain injury, a closed head injury, call our office today. We practice in Nassau County, in Duval County, and in the surrounding areas. We’ll sit down; we’ll talk about things. We’ll develop your case and map out a plan that’s best for you.

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