What You Should Know About Your TBI Claim

Are you suffering a severe brain injury? Learn what you should know about your TBI claim here. Then, contact our Florida TBI attorney today.

Traumatic Brain Injury Case Timeline

What You Should Know About Your TBI ClaimWhen a client comes in with a traumatic brain injury resulting from the negligence of somebody else, we tell them at a very minimum, 9 to 14 months, if they ask how long the case is going to take. We want to set proper expectations with the client.

Traumatic brain injuries can be complex. Many times, we will wait to have the injury develop because these are very subtle type changes sometimes. If we move too soon, we will miss the depth and severity of the traumatic brain injury. Sometimes, we’ll wait a year, maybe two years; it depends on the case.

This is not going to be over in a couple of weeks; this is not going to be over four to six weeks. This is going to take a while, a long while. Our advice has always been that our clients should focus on getting back on their feet, getting back to some semblance of the normalcy that existed before this injury occurred.

These cases take a long time, but they’re worth it. They’re necessary. That’s why you should get an experienced lawyer who knows these things and can advise you properly from the beginning.

If you have an injury like that and you have questions like that from accidents that happened in Nassau County, in Duval County, or neighboring counties, call us. We’ll go over things, answer those questions, and all the other questions that you may have. We’ll map out a plan that’s going to help you the best.

Expenses Recoverable in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

When clients come to us and they have a traumatic brain injury, many times, they’ll ask what they can recover. Typically, you can recover your medical bills, your lost wages if you’ve lost time from work, property that was damaged or lost in the event, and intangible damages such as pain and suffering.

There are 17 different claims you can make. Some of those are intangible like loss of the capacity for the enjoyment of life. Whether it’s tangible like a medical bill or intangible like pain that won’t go away, all of those are rolled up into your claim. We make your case for you.

If you’ve got a claim where you think you’ve got a traumatic brain injury along with any other injuries, call us today. If it’s occurred in Nassau County or Duval County or any of the outlying areas, we can handle your case. We’ll sit down with you, talk to you about your case, and see how best we can help.

Offers to Not File a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Sometimes, we have clients who come in and the insurance company for the other side has already gotten to them and has made an offer to settle the case. Should they take it?

Typically, it’s a very small amount because you are on their turf; you are in their territory. They are the experts. They know what they’re doing; you don’t have a clue.

No matter how smart you are, you’re no match for an insurance representative. If they are offering money “to not file a traumatic brain injury case,” then you should call a lawyer who’s experienced in these matters to advise whether you should take it. Chances are that you should not take it because it’s going to be an amount that probably doesn’t even approach a rough value of your case.

If you have that situation, call us before any decisions are made because once a decision is made and you have signed off on the dotted line, your case is over.

If you’ve had something like that happen to you in Nassau County, in Duval County, or any of the surrounding areas, call our office. We’ll meet with you and go over your entire case. We’ll map out a plan that fits you the best.

Did you or a loved one experience a serious injury to the head in Florida and have questions about what you should know about your TBI claim? Contact experienced Florida traumatic brain injury lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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