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Bicycle Accidents From a Pothole

Were you recently hurt and have questions about bicycle accidents from a pothole in Florida? Watch this video, then call Paul Boone Law.


Do I have a bicycle accident case if I hit a pothole?


Cases come to us under a myriad of different fact patterns. One of them is a bicyclist who gets hurt when one of the wheels of his bicycle hits a pothole. He gets ejected, goes over the handlebars, and crashes to the ground. Bicycle Accidents From a Pothole

In this scenario, does the bicyclist have a case? The cyclist might think it’s his own fault. That’s not necessarily the case, however.

Roadways are subject to maintenance by sometimes more than one agency or entity. They are charged with the responsibility of maintaining roadways in a reasonably safe condition. Potholes are not a reasonably safe condition. Those should be maintained. Roadways are one area where people travel a lot. Responsibility to maintain those roadways is constant.

If you have a case in Nassau County or Duval County where you have ridden your bicycle and you hit a pothole and got hurt, call us. We’ll sit down; we’ll talk about it. We’ll figure out how we can help you.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by an automobile while out on a ride and have questions about bicycle accidents from a pothole? Contact an experienced Nassau County bicycle accident lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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