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Bicycle Accident Insurance Investigation

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Should I speak to the insurance company after a bicycle accident?


We sometimes get questions about whether it’s a good idea to talk to the insurance company when there’s been a bicycle accident. The answer is yes and no. With regard to your own insurance, if you have it, the answer is yes. You have a responsibility to cooperate with your insurance company. You do want to cooperate because they’re the ones who are going to pay towards your medical bills and perhaps pay towards some of your lost wages. Bicycle Accident Insurance Investigation

If they want a statement, give a statement. They will send you paperwork either online or through the mail. Fill it out, give it back to them. That will keep the process intact for your benefits with your own insurance company.

Beyond that though, the answer is no. The insurance company for the driver of the car who hit you has got that person’s interest at heart and not yours. Anything they try to attempt to get from you is for their driver or owner’s benefit, not yours. You are on their field, not your own. You are outmatched. It doesn’t matter how smart you are; you are outmatched.

We always tell clients that if the insurance company tries to call them, they should give them our contact information. At that point, it is illegal for them to talk to you. They’ll call us. We’ll get the information going to and from our office in an appropriate way.

If you have this kind of situation, call us today. We’ll talk about it and we’ll see how best we can help you.

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