The Right Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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The Right Nursing Home Abuse LawyerQuestion:

How do I choose the right nursing home abuse lawyer?


We are often asked how to go about finding a lawyer for nursing home negligence cases. What we tell them is this: nursing home litigation is very specialized litigation. It is governed by a particular set of statutes on the books in the state of Florida. It has gone through tortured changes and heated litigation, and it requires the services of a lawyer who’s very experienced in the area. It’s not a case for a young lawyer to handle and cut his teeth on.

You require a lawyer who has handled these cases and handles them on a regular basis because the landscape in nursing home litigation has changed. You need a lawyer who has been through the wars, has the experience, and knows the changes, and can adapt to the changing landscape of nursing home abuse litigation. First and foremost is the experience, both in the field and in time of service. Our nursing home negligence attorney has been in practice 38 years in northeast Florida. If you have a nursing home type case, call us. If it happened in Duval or Nassau County area or the surrounding areas, we’ll sit down with you and devise a plan moving forward to help you in your case in the best way possible.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a horrible thing for someone to be guilty of. Our Nassau County nursing home abuse lawyer want to hold the liable party responsible for this gross negligence. A way that you can help your lawyers help your loved one is by recognizing the signs and symptoms of abuse and recording the evidence.

Nursing home abuse is not always starkly apparent; sometimes it is. Sometimes, you will notice injuries and bruises and marks on your loved one that couldn’t have happened any other way but through abuse. Sometimes, your loved one can tell you what is going on and be their own whistle blower, so to speak. Other times, it takes some digging to really find out whether or not your loved one is being abused. Here are some signs and symptoms that you should be looking out for any time you have a loved one in a nursing home:

  1. Look for signs of neglect. See if their bedsheets are soiled and their living quarters are unhygienic. Maybe their bathroom appears to not have been cleaned or your loved one has soiled their sheets and has been laying in it for some time. Also, if your loved one is losing weight, that could also be a sign of neglect or malnutrition.
  2. Signs of psychological abuse would be if your loved one is suddenly nonverbal when they used to be perfectly verbal. If your loved one appears to be anxious more than they used to, that could be a sign of abuse. Any changes in their demeanor could indicate a level of abuse in the nursing home.

Diligently record any evidence that you see fit. If there are soiled bed sheets or bedsores from lack of exercise for your loved one or bruising, make sure you take photos and videos of what you’re seeing. You might even put your phone on ‘record’ while you talk to your loved one about what’s going on if they have their own eyewitness account of their abuse.

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