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Reporting Nursing Home Negligence

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How do I report nursing home negligence?


Clients sometimes say they’re not interested in suing the facility but they want to report abuse, either of their loved one or they see it. You can report that to the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration. They have a nursing home division and they have forms where you can file a complaint with the agency. These complaints are taken seriously. They’re investigated. Each complaint is investigated by the agency and disposed of one way or the other. The agency has disciplinary powers that range from fining the facility to revoking the facility’s license, which is pretty serious because if the license is revoked, they cannot operate that facility in the state of Florida.

Reporting Nursing Home Negligence

In short, if you have a nursing home case and you’ve got concerns about what’s going on in the facility, either to your loved one or to someone that you know, call us right away. We will be happy to discuss the case with you and help by navigating you through the administrative process. If you have a desire to make a claim against the facility, we can do that, too, as well. Call us today.

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