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Avoiding Personal Injury Trial

Do you have questions about avoiding personal injury trial in Florida? Watch this video, then call Paul Boone Law for a free consultation.


Is there any way to avoid trial for my personal injury case?


Avoiding Personal Injury Trial People generally don’t like to go to trial. It’s a foreign experience. It’s filled with tension and pressure for them. We, as lawyers, have to be sensitive to that, particularly those of us who have tried many cases. We sometimes overlook the pressure points that clients experience in the courtroom. You can avoid that by settling your case before trial. The offers that insurance companies will make if your case has merit will vary from insurance company to insurance company. We will give you recommendations about what we think you should do. Trying cases in Nassau County and Duval County, we are pretty familiar with the insurance carriers and we know how they approach these issues. Whether or not we can avoid it will depend upon you as the client. We will give you recommendation about what we think you should do but the bottom-line decision is yours. You control it in terms of whether you try your case or we avoid it by settling the case. If you’ve been hurt in any form of accident in Duval County, Nassau County, or northeast Florida, feel free to call. We’ll sit down and go over the ins and outs of your case.

Have you or a loved one been injured because of someone else and have questions about avoiding personal injury trial? Contact an experienced Nassau County personal injury lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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