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Nursing Home Negligence Case Value

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How do you determine the value of my nursing home negligence case?


Clients sooner or later want to know the value of their case. Sometimes, we get asked that question in the very first conference. If they ask it at that point, we tell them we don’t know because the process for valuing a case takes time.

There are many considerations that go into the putting a value on a case. We start with gathering up the records, including the nursing home facility records, hospital records, and medical records of all kinds. That takes a long time. Determining how strong the liability part of the case is, can we prove that the facility neglected the loved one or abused the loved one or did something in a negligent fashion? Can we prove that and how easily can we do that? What are the damages? These are sometimes difficult cases to value in terms of the damages of medical bills, and typically there aren’t any lost wages because we’re dealing with elderly clients.

Nursing Home Negligence Case Value

Value comes toward the end of the case. We generally talk about value range and the considerations that go into it don’t come about until we’re well into the case after we’ve discovered what we can find out what happened and the evidence that we can use to prove our case. All that factors into valuing your case. Eventually, we get to that point and we have that discussion but it’s not early on. If you have a nursing home case where a loved one has been injured or died or abused in the Nassau County, Duval County area, give us a call. We will sit down with you, go over the case with you, and come up with a plan that’s best for you and your loved one and your case.

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