Mistakes in a Bicycle Accident Case

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What common mistakes do people make in their bicycle accident cases?


There are some common mistakes that clients make; not intentional, but mistakes nonetheless. The first one is they don’t get medical care. Whether they’re embarrassed by what happened or they don’t think that they are that badly hurt, they don’t go. It’s not for days or maybe even weeks when things start to hurt, the pain starts to come, that they go. They lose a golden opportunity to get help immediately, which will maximize their chances of recovery from this bad event.

Typically, bicyclists will have more often than not nowadays helmets, but the helmets are not going to keep a traumatic brain injury from happening. If someone’s ejected off a bicycle, more than likely, they’re going to hit their head on something. Those symptoms that come from a traumatic brain injury don’t necessarily show up, manifest themselves early on, but they do show up on diagnostic testing and provide a baseline that will help in the development of the brain injury case if it’s there. That’s the first thing.

The second mistake clients make is they don’t get ahold of a lawyer immediately. Oftentimes, evidence like damaged bicycles get disposed of very quickly. People forget or don’t think that it’s important in terms of their case. By the time they get to a lawyer, and the lawyer asks after the bicycle, it’s gone.

Particularly, up here in Nassau County, we have heavy road construction on a lot of our roads as well as in Duval County in the Jacksonville area. Not getting out to a lawyer quickly means circumstances can change. Construction areas change. We lose the ability to go out and take photographs of those areas.

If you’ve been hurt while on a bicycle, call us early on in your case. We’ll sit down and we’ll talk about things. We’ll do those things necessary to enhance the value of your case and increase your chances of making a good recovery.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by an automobile while out on a ride and have questions about common mistakes in a bicycle accident case? Contact experienced Florida bicycle accident lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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