Lowball Bad Faith Insurance Offers

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Is it considered bad faith if I’ve received a low offer for an insurance claim?


Lowball Bad Faith Insurance OffersWhen we represent clients and we get into the part of the case where it’s possible to settle the case, many times, we’ll get an offer from the insurance company that’s very low and doesn’t bear any resemblance to the true value of the case. That does not equate to bad faith. It is an offer. If that’s the only offer, then that may be something else, but in and of itself, that is not bad faith. It may be couched in terms of hard-nosed negotiation. In which case, we have to be equally as hard-nosed and go try the case if necessary, which we’ve done many times.

It may be a sign of bad faith, but in and of itself, it’s not. We don’t get upset in a professional sense about a low offer. It’s what’s at the end of the case that counts. Bad faith does really not enter into it at that point, but it may later.

Insurance bad faith is the antithesis of insurance good faith. Good faith would be to pay out any damages for the insured. Remember though that an insurance company is a business first and foremost and they, just like every other business in this country, want to make a profit. Unfortunately, those they profit from are the people who rely on them. They offer the service of ensuring your goods but they ultimately have the decision-making power to turn away a case which would save the money if you didn’t know any better and just let them do this without any recourse. Our Nassau County insurance bad faith lawyer fights for you to have the compensation that you deserve. We don’t want them to get away with bad faith.

A lot of the time an insurance company is going to turn away a case based on the law and it is going to be all legal and sound reasoning. There are some insurance companies, however, who are going to push their boundaries and they won’t look into a case that they should have and maybe they deny people who deserve compensation or they undermine the value of some people’s claims so that they can make some more money while they’re doing their business. This is what insurance bad faith really is at the core of it.

If you have a case like that that’s occurred or is occurring in Nassau County or Duval County or the surrounding areas, call us. We’ll sit down; we’ll talk about it. We can educate you a little bit about how insurance companies act. We’ll move forward and devise a plan that will help your circumstances the best.

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