Florida Wrongful Death Claim

Did you lose a loved one from the negligence of another in Florida and have questions about wrongful death? Contact Paul Boone Law today.

Cost of a Wrongful Death Claim

Florida Wrongful Death ClaimWrongful death cases are different than personal injury cases. Those who are allowed to recover with a death of a loved one are generally a surviving spouse, children up to a certain age, and some others. Primarily, it’s a surviving spouse and children. Those can change depending upon the kind of case that the death occurred in, but generally speaking, that’s it. Those people can come to us when they have suffered the loss of a loved one. Sometimes we have a case where someone has died, and because of the manner in which they died, there are no survivors under the laws of the state of Florida. We go through that in great detail in the very first conference so that people’s expectations are appropriately set. If you think you have a wrongful death of a loved one, call us. We’ll go over it. We practice in Nassau County and Duval County primarily.

Wrongful Death Survivors

What are the things that we can recover in a wrongful death case? You can recover several things. These cases are brought by the estate, by statute. Whatever claims the estate has for recovering medical expenses and things of that nature, those are benefits that can be recovered. The intangible losses that surviving spouses or surviving children have, such as the loss of companionship, pain and suffering, mental anguish, or loss of the capacity to enjoy life because that loved one is gone, can also be recovered.

Benefits Available in a Wrongful Death Case

Clients who come to us with wrongful death cases sign what is known as a contingency fee contract. What that means is, if there is a recovery, our fees come from that recovery. In other words, we advance the cost of the case. If there is a recovery, those costs come out of the share of the survivors and the estate. The costs vary widely. It can be anywhere from $5,000 or $10,000 upwards up to six figures of cost. Every case is different. Every case has its own expenses, if you will. Some cost more than others. If you have that situation, we’re prepared to handle the case, whether it’s at one end of the spectrum or the other as far as costs are concerned.

Did you lose a loved one from the negligence of another in Florida and have questions about wrongful death? Contact an experienced Nassau County wrongful death lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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