Common Mistakes in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

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What common mistakes do people make in their nursing home negligence cases?


We have handled lots of nursing home cases in our decades in practice. One mistake we often see in these cases is a client trying to work out things with the facility. Many times, these residents have been at a facility for a long time and relationships have been established. They try to work out a problem. The people at the facility routinely say that the problems associated with the loved one are not due to neglect but instead to uncontrollable end of life issues. Clients, as a result, get lulled into a false sense of security, if you will. They never know that that end has been accelerated due to the actions or inactions of the facility staff. They get lulled into a false sense of security and delays happen. In Florida, you have two years to initiate a claim under the Nursing Home Act. That time can go by quickly. If the call to the lawyer doesn’t get made as soon as possible, that’s a big mistake.

Common Mistakes in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

Other mistakes are that clients will get a lawyer that’s not experienced in the area. This is very specialized work. If you’re not practicing in this area of the law on a regular basis, you will miss things. It will be to the detriment of the client.
If you have a nursing home abuse case where a loved one has been injured or has died, don’t wait. Call us right away.We have handled many cases like these and we know what to do. Let’s sit down and devise a plan that would be best for you, your loved ones, and your case.

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