Choosing The Right Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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How do I choose the right nursing home negligence attorney?


We are often asked how to go about finding a lawyer for nursing home negligence cases. What we tell them is this: nursing home litigation is very specialized litigation. It’s governed by a particular set of statutes on the books in the state of Florida. It has gone through tortured changes and heated litigation, and it requires the services of a lawyer who’s very experienced in the area. It’s not a case for a young lawyer to handle and cut his teeth on.

Choosing The Right Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

You require a lawyer who has handled these cases and handles them on a regular basis because the landscape in nursing home litigation has changed. You need a lawyer who has been through the wars, has the experience, and knows the changes, and can adapt to the changing landscape of nursing home abuse litigation. First and foremost is the experience, both in the field and in time of service. Our nursing home negligence attorney has been in practice 38 years in northeast Florida. If you have a nursing home type case, call us. If it happened in Duval or Nassau County area or the surrounding areas, we’ll sit down with you and devise a plan moving forward to help you in your case in the best way possible.

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