3 Nursing Home Abuse Questions

Was your loved one treated poorly in a nursing home? Check out the answers to these 3 nursing home abuse questions, then give our Florida lawyer a call now.

1) Nursing Home Negligence Insurance Investigation

3 Nursing Home Abuse QuestionsClients often ask us if they should talk to the insurance company for the nursing facility or the management company. The answer is no, never. The insurance company does not have your interest at heart. They represent the nursing home facility. They represent the management company. They represent some overarching holding company that holds all these nursing home facilities. It’s a complex structure that’s been created. The bottom line is they play a shell game and they do not have your interest at heart at all. We advise clients that they should never talk to them.

If you get called by the insurance company or the company directly, refer them to your attorney. At that point, it’s illegal for them to talk to a client. They know that. At that point, we establish the dialogue that’s appropriate for that case. If you have that kind of case, if a loved one has been hurt or killed because of nursing home negligence or abuse in the Nassau County, Duval County area, call us. We have 38 years of experience helping folks with nursing home cases. We can sit down with you, go over your case, and devise a plan that’s best for you.

2) Initial Offer for a Nursing Home Abuse Case

Should you take a first settlement offer? Typically, most of the time, if not all the time, we say no. Insurance companies at that point are in the negotiation business. They will offer as little as they can to get out of the case as cheaply as they can. That’s the nature of the beast. Sometimes those offers are almost insulting. They’re designed to get under your skin. Typically, they will start very low.

Our job becomes getting the insurance company’s best and highest dollar on the table so that we can discuss whether or not to accept that offer. The first offer rarely, if ever, is accepted. It’s the last offer that’s important. We make that decision. We either settle the case or we say no and we prepare ourselves to trial the case. If you have a nursing home case where a loved one or you have been injured or a loved one has died as a result of nursing home abuse or negligence in the Nassau County, Duval County area or surrounding areas, give us a call. We’ll sit down and come up with a plan that’s best for you, your loved one, and your case.

3) Choosing The Right Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

We are often asked how to go about finding a lawyer for nursing home negligence cases. What we tell them is this: nursing home litigation is very specialized litigation. It’s governed by a particular set of statutes on the books in the state of Florida. It has gone through tortured changes and heated litigation, and it requires the services of a lawyer who’s very experienced in the area. It’s not a case for a young lawyer to handle and cut his teeth on.

You require a lawyer who has handled these cases and handles them on a regular basis because the landscape in nursing home litigation has changed. You need a lawyer who has been through the wars, has the experience, and knows the changes, and can adapt to the changing landscape of nursing home abuse litigation. First and foremost is the experience, both in the field and in time of service. Our nursing home negligence attorney has been in practice 38 years in northeast Florida. If you have a nursing home type case, call us. If it happened in Duval or Nassau County area or the surrounding areas, we’ll sit down with you and devise a plan moving forward to help you in your case in the best way possible.

Did you lose a loved one from the negligence of another in Florida and have questions? After reading the answers to these 3 nursing home abuse questions, contact experienced Florida nursing home abuse lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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