3 Common Motorcycle Accident Mistakes

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3 Common Motorcycle Accident MistakesIndependent Repair

We see many mistakes made by clients before they come to us with a motorcycle accident case. One is that some clients will repair their motorcycle if it’s not damaged beyond repair. Motorcycle operators are oftentimes motorcycle enthusiasts which means they are hands on people and they like to fix things. Many times, they will, on their own, repair the bike. All that is well and good but, unless pictures were taken before that happens, then we’ve lost valuable evidence. Another scenario that happens quite often is these bikes are torn up and they get disposed of. Unless we get pictures to preserve the damage, that is an opportunity missed.

Mistreated Injury

Another common mistake is clients don’t get the kind of treatment that they need. Many times, clients’ minor injuries get missed. They don’t get treated. They don’t get complained about by clients, by the patient. They don’t get treated until later on. You’re not recovered as well as you could have.

Neglecting Lawyer Contact

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes is not contacting a lawyer soon enough. We can take care of most of those things in terms of collecting the evidence, preserving the evidence, going to the accident scene, and taking photographs. Up here in Nassau County, we have a major road that is the only east-west armory for I95 into Amelia Island. It’s been under construction for many years and will be under construction for many more years. The roadway seems to change on a daily basis. If you don’t get a lawyer involved early, that traffic pattern that may have contributed to the motorcycle wreck will have changed and we won’t be able to preserve it.

Get a hold of a lawyer and let him do the things that are necessary to preserve the evidence, which will enhance the value of your case. Those are some of the mistakes we see being made in motorcycle cases in Nassau County and Duval County. If you call us early, we can rectify those and maximize the value of your case.

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