3 Bad Faith Insurance Questions

Do you have questions about your bad faith insurance suspicions in Florida? Check out these 3 bad faith insurance questions, then call our attorney today.

1. What is insurance bad faith?

3 Bad Faith Insurance QuestionsWe often get questions from people where they have heard about insurance bad faith. They don’t know what it is exactly. Simply put, insurance bad faith is when an insurance company doesn’t deal fairly with you, and in the context of claims, doesn’t settle a case when it could have, and under all the circumstances, should have within the policy limits of your case.

When people call us with what they think is an insurance bad faith claim, and it occurs in Duval County, Nassau County, or any of the surrounding areas, we make an appointment with them. We sit down and we talk about it. We educate them about bad faith.

There are complexities to bad faith. We walk you through it and map out a plan for how to deal with that insurance company. Call us today.

2. What should I do if I believe my insurance company may be acting in bad faith?

We often get calls from clients who are not satisfied with their own insurance company. They don’t think they’re being dealt with fairly by their own insurance company. What can we do to fix that?

It depends on the circumstances. Here’s an example of how we handled a circumstance rather recently:

A client had an event happen in her backyard where someone got hurt. She was responsible. The person got hurt very badly. Her insurance company, her homeowner insurance company, would not pay the claim to the woman who got hurt. Her damages, her injuries go way beyond the limits of the insurance policy, so she came to us, asking what to do.

What we did was we put the insurance company on notice of its behavior, saying that we fully expected the insurance company to deal fairly with that injured person, and pay that person, and settle the case within our client’s policy limits. We did that so that if this injured person sues and gets a verdict way beyond our client’s policy limits and personally exposes her to those damages, then we have set the stage for a bad faith case.

That is a way to protect yourself if you have that kind of scenario where your own insurance company is not doing what you think they ought to do. Call us. We’ve been in practice for decades. We can write a letter. We can lay the foundation for protecting you in the event the insurance company’s behavior harms you by putting you in a position of personal exposure for a loss that should have been paid by your insurance that you bought and that you relied upon to protect you.

That’s what we do here. If you have a case like that in Duval County, Nassau County, or the surrounding areas, call us. We’ll sit down and we’ll figure out a plan that’s designed to protect you from your own insurance company.

3. Is there a statue of limitations for bad faith insurance lawsuits?

We get called in sometimes where a client has gone to trial, gotten a verdict, and the verdict is in excess of the policy limits, which provides a possibility for there being a bad faith case. The lawyer they had for whatever reason is not willing or able to move forward on that part of the case. Typically, the case has been tried years earlier.

There is a statute of limitation. It’s five years. It’s more than the average four years, but it’s five years from the date that you get the verdict or the judgment. You’ve got time, but time is allusive, as we all know.

If you have that situation where you need help with what we call the second part of a bad faith case, and it’s occurred in Duval County, Nassau County, and the surrounding areas, call us. We’ll sit down; we’ll go over everything. If we can help you, we’ll devise a plan moving forward that will be best for you and your case.

Did you or a loved one experience bad faith insurance in Florida and have questions about bad faith insurance? After reading these 3 bad faith insurance questions, contact experienced Florida bad faith insurance lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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