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Understanding SUM Insurance Coverage

Have you been involved in a car accident and have questions? Learn about understanding SUM insurance coverage and what it can do for you in this video.


How can SUM insurance help if I am in a car accident in Florida?


Understanding SUM Insurance CoverageOne of the things that we counsel people, whether they’ve been in an automobile accident or not, is to get insurance to protect themselves. The Florida roadways are treacherous, particularly in Nassau County where we are located. We have a road known as State Road 200, which had been under construction for seemed like forever, just recently has been completed. It is a treacherous road. Many accidents across our state, particularly northeast Florida, Jacksonville area, and Duval County. You should have insurance to protect yourself because so many people get by with bare minimum insurance. Sometimes they don’t cover themselves with liability insurance at all, which is the insurance that pays you if you get hurt and they’re at fault. We counsel people to buy uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage, as it may be called. It costs a little more but it protects you in the events someone is out there driving and hits you, it’s their fault, and they don’t have the kind of coverage that you need. Buy UM coverage or UIM coverage as it’s also known. If you’ve been involved in an accident in northeast Florida, that’s Nassau County, Duval County, any of the other outlying counties of northeast Florida or southeast Georgia, call us and we’ll sit down with you and figure out how best to help you.

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