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Reporting a Work Injury

Learn about reporting a work injury to management in Florida in this educational video. Then, call our attorneys to get started and schedule a free review.


Do I need to report my injury to my management after a construction injury?


Reporting a Work Injury When someone comes in to see us on a construction site injury, they ask me lots of questions. One of the questions they ask is, “Do I need to report it?” The answer is an emphatic yes. If you have not already done so, you must report your injury to your supervisor, to your employer. If you don’t and they are not otherwise aware of it, you an jeopardize your right to worker’s compensation benefits. Yes, report that accident to your supervisor, to your employer, so you preserve your right to worker’s compensation benefits. If you come to us with a construction site injury in Duval County, Nassau County, surrounding counties in northeast Florida or southeast Georgia, we’ll go over that, we’ll go over whether or not you have the right to sue other entities on the construction site and set a course to best way to help you.

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