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Personal Injury Medical Bills

Do you have questions about who will pay your personal injury medical bills? Watch this video for guidance and call our Nassau County injury lawyers.


Who pays my medical bills after a personal injury in Florida?


Personal Injury Medical Bills We are often asked who’s going to pay the medical bills after a client gets hurt in an automobile accident case. Initially, in the state of Florida, your own insurance will pay. Everyone is required to have what is known as no-fault or personal injury protection insurance. That is the primary source of insurance payments. They will pay 80% of your medical bills. If you purchase additional coverage called medical payments coverage, that will pick up the other 20% up to the limits that you purchased.

Beyond that, if you have health insurance, it will pay. That’s the order of insurance payments on medical bills in automobile accident cases. If you’ve been hurt, those are questions that do come up all the time. It’s a myriad of insurance claims that you’re faced with. If you’ve been hurt in an automobile accident, feel free to call us. We practice in Nassau County, Duval County, Southeast Georgia, and other outlying counties. We’d be happy to help you.

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