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Medical Malpractice Liability

Are you suffering from medical malpractice injuries in Florida? Watch this video about the medical malpractice liability for guidance, then give us a call.


In Florida, who can be liable in a medical malpractice lawsuit?


Medical Malpractice Liability When we sit down with someone who has suffered loss at the hands of a healthcare provider, they ask us who can be responsible. Sometimes that’s an answer that’s hard to hear. Sometimes they’re a primary care doctor who they’ve had for many, many years in a surgical situation. It may be the surgeon. It may be the support staff. Sometimes in a hospital setting, nurses may be responsible for injuries which happen in the room that you occupy. Sometimes the hospital itself can be responsible. It can be a complicated question to answer but that is why you should come to a lawyer who’s experienced in medical malpractice cases We have handled medical malpractice cases off and on. It is a percentage of our practice. Malpractice cases are governed by what is known as the Florida medical malpractice act. We know our way in and out of that act. That’s what you need to know. Does your lawyer have that kind of experience to be able to answer the question that you come in with of who may be responsible? If you’ve suffered a loss that you think is a result of a medical malpractice in northeast Florida or southeast Georgia, do not hesitate to call me. We’ll sit down. We’ll go through those ins and outs and we’ll determine how best we can help you.

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