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Defective Medical Device Class Action Claim

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What is a class action lawsuit and how does it affect my defective medical device claim?


Defective Medical Device Class Action ClaimMost people have heard of class actions but they don’t really know what a class action is. A class action is simply a collection of people who have been hurt, for example, with a medical device. There have been class actions brought where their injury is a result, the mechanism of injury is the same and a lot of similarities. There are some complexities to whether a class action suit will survive. If there is one, many times it involves defective devices. There have been class actions and other similar actions like multidistrict litigation where there has been a defective device put on the market. There have been many knee replacement devices and shoulder devices that have been bad and lots of lawsuits were filed— some of them as class actions, others as actions that were collected in one or directed to be collected in one particular federal district where one judge can manage the cases. Many times your medical device case will end up in one of those two collections of cases. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but those are things that we go over with. If you suffer such a loss with a medical device in northeast Florida or southeast Georgia, we’ll go over those issues as well as all the other issues connected with your case. Call immediately so that we can set you down and go over these things so that we can help you in the best way possible.

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