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Defective Medical Device Case Value

If you have been seriously injured, watch this video to learn how lawyers determine defective medical device case value in Florida. Call our lawyers today.


How do I determine the value of a defective medical device claim?


Defective Medical Device Case ValuePeople who have suffered a loss from what they think was a defective medical device ask me how much their case worth is. It’s a fair question. It’s also a question that we don’t answer immediately because several things go into putting a value range on a case. Many times it takes a long time because we have to determine whether a device is defective and that is not as simple as it sounds. That can take a very long time to determine. Once we do that, we factor that into other aspects of your case— your medical bills, what kind of disability you’ve had from the medical device, those types of things. Putting a value on the case, eventually we do, but it takes time. If you’ve been injured in a case where you think a medical device has harmed you in northeast Florida or southeast Georgia, call us. We’ll go over these things. We’ll go over lots of other things, too, to determine how best we can help you.

Did you or a loved one experience an unreasonably dangerous medical device in Florida and have questions about defective medical device case value? Contact an experienced Nassau County defective medical device lawyer at Paul Boone Law today for a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

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