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Defective Medical Device Available Damages

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What damages are available in Florida in a defective medical device claim?


Defective Medical Device Available DamagesPeople often ask what damages we can collect. In Florida, there are several elements of damages. Some of them are pretty obvious. If you’ve suffered medical bills, medical expenses, as a result of the medical device, you can claim those. If you’ve lost time from work connected with the medical device going bad, you can collect those things. You can collect what are known as general damages or intangible damages. Those are things, some of which you have probably heard of, including pain and suffering, as well as others that you’re perhaps not quite as familiar with, such as inconvenience, loss of the capacity for the enjoyment of life, or mental anguish. If you have suffered all of these losses in the future, you get to claim those as well. Those are some of the things that you can collect and those are the things that we look at in valuating your case. If you’ve suffered injury from what you believe is a defective medical device in northeast Florida or southeast Georgia, give us a call. We’ll sit down and go over this with you and see how best we can help you.

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