Defective Medical Device Attorney Fees

Have you experienced an injury in Florida and have questions about defective medical device attorney fees? Watch this video, then give our attorneys a call.


How much does it cost to hire an attorney for a defective medical device in Florida?


Defective Medical Device Attorney FeesIf you think you have been injured as a result of a defective medical device, such as hardware that goes into a knee replacement, for example, you’ve got four years to make your claim. Having said that, do not wait, particularly in a medical device case where a device has been implanted in your body and you have to have surgery to take it out. It’s very important that we preserve the device because it will have to be examined by someone to determine whether it’s defective. There are other reasons for getting in touch with an attorney immediately. Witnesses go away. Other types of evidence disappear. Memory fades. Although, yeah, you’ve got four years, but if you think you’ve suffered a loss because of a defective medical device, contact our office immediately so that we can do part of what we’re hired to do and that’s preserve evidence. Call immediately if you’ve suffered such a loss in northeast Florida or southeast Georgia and we’ll figure those things out as well as other aspects of your case.

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